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May 22, 2023

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Is Best-of-Suite Cybersecurity the Future, or Will Best-of-Breed Continue To Rule?
Illustration of a padlock, symbolizing cybersecurity, on the page 'Is Best-of-Suite Cybersecurity the Future or Will Best-of-Breed Continue to Rule?' on Procyon AI

Many CISOs make decisions based on finding a perfect balance between business and security. Their role involves protecting both the employees and the organization’s assets. One key choice they have to make is deciding between a best-of-suite and best-of-breed approach.

CISOs focus on minimizing risk and working with startups comes with certain risks. It is the main reason why most CISOs don’t want to shift from the best-of-breed approach.

This blog will examine the two approaches to help entrepreneurs and venture capitalists understand the evolution of the cybersecurity sector and which approach will succeed in the long-term.

What Is the Best-of-Breed Approach?

Best-of-breed involves cybersecurity companies finding ways to deliver solutions that are targeted by focusing on one particular area. The key focus in this approach is developing solutions that try to solve various cybersecurity challenges by focusing efforts on improving expertise.

 Small and niche startups that use the approach have been successful in developing customized solutions for their clients that are specific to their unique challenges. Most of these companies have an advantage because they receive regular funding.

What Is the Best-of-Suite Approach?

The best-of-suite approach involves the development of multiple solutions to cybersecurity challenges. The solutions are cohesive and work together to ensure the process is streamlined by using central management controls.

Big corporations like CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks and SentinelOne have intensified their efforts in adopting the best-of-suite approaches. The companies started out as best-of-breed but have began acquiring best-of-breed companies in an effort to become best-of-suite.

Fortinet, Okta, Microsoft and Zscaler have successfully relied on the best-of-suite approach to provide extensive security solutions. The approach has helped the companies to develop a broad portfolio and maintain efficiency and coherence. The approach has been successful in assisting the companies to develop better solutions to protect their assets and systems against cyber threats.

Complexity of Cybersecurity

The field of cybersecurity is complex and requires companies to constantly adapt to changes. The best-of-suite approach provides cybersecurity solutions that are coherent and convenient, but they fail to find solutions to the ever-changing cyber threats.

The best-of-breed approach provides companies with an opportunity to evolve and respond to newer cybersecurity threats that arise. It allows the companies to embrace a swift and strategic approach when dealing with any new threats.

Because many CISOs are looking to embrace cautious methods to curb their spending, the best-of-breed approach is more suitable. The approach provides them with solutions that allow organizations to minimize spending and only allocate funds to critical areas that need strong security protocols. The approach wins in terms of flexibility and cost because it considers the organization’s budget.


According to Stephane Nappo, a Global CISO and strategist, one key mistake that many companies make is thinking that cyber risks don’t exist. The cybersecurity field will see many organizations seeking the best-of-suite approach because of consolidated management, but the best-of-breed approach will continue to prosper. The benefits associated with the best-of-breed approach makes it a clear winner, as the strategy offers swift responses and better expertise in handling cybersecurity challenges and threats.

Best-of-suite approaches don’t have all answers to the changing landscape and companies using the approach may find it challenging to modify their architecture. The best-of-breed approach provides a faster way for the companies to respond to security threats and that is why it is best suited for entrepreneurs and venture capital firms.

Regarding making improvements to their cybersecurity solutions, companies will need to maintain an equilibrium between expertise and convenience when choosing their cybersecurity needs; this will ensure that they develop a reliable solution to cybersecurity threats.


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