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IAM Complexity

Out of the box Multi-Cloud Privilege Access Management (PAM) solution.
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Get frictionless, secure access to cloud infrastructure

Get passwordless access to major cloud platforms and thousands of cloud resources. We work seamlessly with AWS, GCP, Azure and other cloud native tools.


Self Service Portal

Stop over privileged access with just-in-time access for developers. DevOps users can request access to cloud resources with ‘just enough privileges’ to get timebound access to resources.
  • Eliminate productivity bottlenecks of a centralized administrator
  • Configure approval policies based on a variety of factors
  • View a catalog of granted and unaccessed resources


Passwordless Access

Stop credential sprawl and worrying about credential theft. Developers can get passwordless access to cloud resources using Trusted Platform Module (TPM) based technology.
  • Leverage TPM to strongly identify users and devices
  • Stop credential sprawl by removing the burden of passwords
  • Works with AWS, GCP, Azure and other native tools

How vulnerable is your organization to credential sprawl?

Discover potential vulnerabilities now with our Assessment tool and understand how Procyon can help you solve the problem in a matter of hours.

Customer Testimonials

Most relevant product I’ve encountered in the past year. The TPM technology is a clever and effective way of addressing the secrets management problem. It reduces end user/developer friction and is fundamentally more secure rather than exchanging one secret token for another.

Ex-CIO of a Global 2000 Tech Company

The current market solutions and traditional processes for cloud infrastructure access have created a lot of friction for developers and are designed to default to be a road block versus truly authenticating and confidently removing friction.

VP of IT at a Fortune 100 Tech Company

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How It Works

A secure, cloud-centric privilege access management platform provisioning access to users through a self service portal.


Manage AWS, GCP, Azure, and other cloud native tools right out of the box. Connect with the tools you already use and love.

Passwordless Cloud Infrastructure

Scale faster and stop credential sprawl by eliminating shared accounts and static credentials that are challenging to track.

Kill Switch
Kill Switch

Terminate sessions immediately if suspicious activity is detected to stop any user, anywhere, anytime.


Visibility into every resource, every user, and the policies that define and govern access in today’s dynamic multi-cloud landscape.

Self-Service Portal

Minimize your organization’s attack surface and secure your sensitive data by limiting who gets access and when.

Cloud Identity Governance

Protect your cloud infrastructure by automating risk analysis for all permissions granted to all resources across multi-cloud.

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